Sunday, 3 August 2014

Online academy is the best way for learning of Quran

Holy Quran is the greatest book that has been revealed by ALLAH (SWT) on our Beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) so that everyone can take guidance from this holy book and implement the same in their lives. It is the summary of all the previous books that had been revealed on many of Messengers of ALLAH (SWT) and Holy Quran testify all of them. If we go through the Holy Quran, there are 30 Para’s and 114 surah’s in Holy Quran, where each Surah or chapter is containing countless knowledge in which we can even find out the solution any of the complex matter for which we are facing problem in our daily routine life. The biggest Surah in Holy Quran is Surah e Baqrah and small Surah is Surah e Kousar. It is revealed in Arabic language.

 The non-believer used to say that it is self-made book and ALLAH did not revealed it, but it is the open challenge by ALLAH (SWT) in Holy Quran that if you all (people of the whole universe) come to gather and try to write it, you cannot write even a single Ayah of this greatest book. It is the truth which has been accepted by everyone. Although anyone who reads it and understand it either Muslim or Non-Muslim can take the benefits of having knowledge and guidance for life as Holy Quran is the only book from which we can get the knowledge about scientific facts, guidelines for life and bundle of advises. Either the matter is personal or legal, you can take help from it. Some people among us recite Holy Quran to get the virtues, but it is not only meant for good deeds rather you can countless knowledge from it that would be proven beneficial in your day to day routine matters and even for complex matters.

So it is necessary for every Muslim to learn Quran education and also motivate their children to understand and recite Holy Quran daily in the morning. But in this daily routine matters, everyone is too much busy that it has been difficult to find out spare time in order to go any Islamic institutes and get the Quran education. Therefore in order to overcome on this issue, online Quran leaning has been introduced from where you can get this necessary education. Learningthequran is worldwide recognized online Quran academy that is engaged in providing Holy Quran education through online Quran tutor. The teachers both male and female are well qualified in regard Quran tutoring as well as having experience for conducting online courses. Parents as well as their children can take online admission in our online Quran academy for having perfect grip on its recitation. they can also attend special classes for Tajweed in order to make correction of its pronunciation. Secondly parents can also view online report of their children either they are accurately learning of Quran or not which will surely fulfill the purpose of this objective.


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